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  • InfoPedia
    A Flexible Knowledge Base for Many Purposes

    As a SharePoint partner, we know users barely get half of what their portal can do and so we built a self-service knowledge base about SharePoint. It works so well many of our clients have extended it for IT, HR, and other content. It’s a centralized, searchable knowledge base. Infopedia increases user adoption and productivity while lowering helpdesk requests and cutting training time and costs.

    • Stocked with a SharePoint knowledge base of Step-by-step how to videos
    • Flexible framework that can replicated as a knowledge management system for other staff knowledge (policies & procedures, phone systems, and more).

    Why did we build it?

    ​Training SharePoint end users is a waste of time - theirs and yours! Instead, boost adoption and support users by providing continuous support and on-demand help they need when and where they need it most while performing their tasks. Infopedia comes packed with SharePoint how-to guides and videos plus you can add to it to address the additional content that is unique to your organization.

    • Easy to modify and add pages and chapters
    • Seamlessly integrates with SharePoint
    • Multiple ways to discover content
    • Create and manage articles from one location
    • Boost Portal adoption rates
    • Increase user & team Productivity

    What does it do?

    Provides several ways to find information and search capability to get you the information you need, when you need it.

    • Easy to author new content. Out toolkit alows you to publish MS Word documents as pages and preserves the document's table of contents as bookmark links. Make all the changes needed in MS Word and everything is copied perfect to InfoPedia.
    • Powerful searches, Centralized admin, and secure!
    • Completely customizable and ready for you to easily add your own pages and topics and customize your portal support.
    • Infopedia Provides over 100 videos and how-to step-by-step instructions for doing the tasks that SharePoint users need to know.