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  • SimpleLearning Portal
    A gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate teaching and learning

    A learning portal is a gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate teaching and learning. It is a repository for teaching and learning materials.

    You can create classes, training sessions, and assign employees the courses. Employees can ask for new courses, file the assigned or enrolled classes and take the exams or surveys after the training period. Classes support videos, rich text and presentation.

    Why did we build it?

    ​With SimpleLearning Portal you can provide real-time results and prescriptive training recommendations. Assessments and quizzes support true/false, multiple choice, and drag/drop question types. Learners can access all recommended learning materials from the portal. Learners can review past results at any time to gauge progress. Your staff can access what they need from anywhere and sign up for course offerings, and see what they have taken all in one location.

    What does it do?

    • Store all your documents, podcasts, videos, presentations, and more
    • Let your learners get into the system and keep out those who aren’t registered
    • Included applications that facilitate communication: Discussion forums, messaging services, email, calendars
    • Easy routes for learners to navigate through the content
    • Create new courses, and upload materials
    • Track participants and set maximum number of course participants
    • Track your courses you are signed up for and have completed in the past
    • Users can submit feedback on courses and trainers
    • Automated notifications and reminders for courses