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  • CommunityPoint
    Brand Unity for your Company Culture. Transforms employee recognition into a leadership tool.

    CommunityPoint provides businesses of all sizes with a cost-effective, easy-to-use tool that addresses the challenge of aligning company goals with employee behaviors, and engaging individuals to share, recognize and repeat the best practices that deliver meaningful results. Companies have traditionally used the recognition as a process for thanking and rewarding employees for work done well.  CommunityPoint takes that to a new level with a framework for ongoing education, brand alignment, and staff measurement.

    Why did we build it?

    ​CommunityPoint builds high performance work cultures through a customizable online solution that engages employees and encourages them to consistently share, recognize and repeat the best practices.

    Everyone has access to view nominations. Use these captured success stories to educate new employees on company best practices or share a nomination at your next team meeting.  Nominations become the folklore that embody the culture at your company. 

    What does it do?

    CommunityPoint provides the following benefits:

    • Evaluate & Measure staff understanding of your strategic company values
    • Measure brand awareness, Track Individual and Team Knowledge
    • A highly measurable program that engages employees to consistently understand, recognize, share and deliver exceptional brand experiences.
    • Recognize individual and team accomplishments and share successes.
    • Openly communicate company culture across departments.