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​Now Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of SharePoint and Our Portal Projects


 Working with Microsoft SharePoint Since it Began

SimplePortals first opened its doors in 1989 as a small IT consulting firm with the mission to "make your technology work easier." This mission statement became the corner stone of our company as it moved from consultancy to providing SharePoint solutions. As the company grew, so too did its reach; today servicing thousands of organizations in over a dozen countries.

We've been building SharePoint apps since 2007. We have grown our library of tools and apps every year and know they will save your company time. We are now a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in SharePoint collaboration technologies.

Our No-code apps have become an important strategy to speed delivery of software to serve our clients. Many application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals adopt low-code platforms but can these architectures scale?

Our Best Practices:

  • Product architectures designed to support high scale
  • Features to coordinate efforts of multiple development teams
  • Fully expressive tools
  • Flexible pricing models

Our team consists of seasoned IT professionals, all of whom believe in the power of SharePoint as a tool to elevate business operations exponentially. SharePoint is unique in that it provides a single platform with the capability to improve team communications, tracking processes intelligently, relate to customers, and manage visibility.

SimpleSP Timeline ​

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